Pro-Life in the Diaconate

Among those calling for the restoration of the order of deacons as a permanent part of the clergy of the Catholic Church of the Latin rite were the survivors of a group called the Deacons Circle. This group of... Read More

One, One, One — Just Begin

“So, you begin … I begin. I picked up one person — maybe if I didn’t pick up that...

Widows of Deacons

When someone dies, the loss is always present. For some wives of deacons, when their husbands die, that loss...

New Deacons

This essay is based on a homily that Bishop Edward K. Braxton delivered at the ordination of deacons in...


Change Is Upon Us

Often, slight changes are so subtle they go unnoticed. If I were a betting man, and I’m not, I’d... Read More

‘Munera’ of Deacons

In the ordination rite for deacons, the prayer of consecration states: “Lord, look with favor on these servants of... Read More