Seeds of the Word: Movies and Ministry

People are often surprised to hear that in my seven years as a deacon I have never once referenced a movie or a TV show as an illustration in a homily. Because I’ve been a film critic and culture... Read More

Sitting in the Presence of the Lord

This year, the U.S. bishops called for the focus of the National Eucharistic Revival to be centered on parishes....

What’s a Deacon to Do?

With the diocesan phase of the 2021-2023 synod process complete, related to the upcoming 2024 Church’s Synod on Synodality,...

Deacon as Eucharistic Bridge

In 1988, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s collection of essays “Church, Ecumenism, and Politics” was published. One of the essays,...

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Expectations of Married Deacons

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We know from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Christian marriage brings a man and woman together for... Read More

A Look at ‘Courageous Humility’

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Honestly, this isn’t what I expected. Like most deacons, I’ve been following William Ditewig’s writings for many years —... Read More




Live with Gratitude

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On a New Year’s Eve many years ago — at the start of a new decade — I was... Read More

Grief in the Holidays

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I began my career as a mental health counselor at a hospice doing grief counseling and support. During the... Read More



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Desire and Capacity

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Newly ordained deacons tend to approach prayer with fervor, only to soon suffer the emotional demands of a growing... Read More

The Frequency of Diaconal Preaching

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My diaconal formation began in 1989. After ordination in 1994, the faculties granted by the bishop allowed me to... Read More