Ethically Advancing Scientific Research and Medicine

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute, a nonprofit medical research organization whose mission is to advance research and education in regenerative and personalized medicine in a manner consistent with pro-life bioethics, strictly focuses on adult stem cell and... Read More

The Ribbons of the Books of Prayer

It is amazing what a person will do for the prize of a ribbon. Countless Olympic athletes have poured...

The Deacon as Companion

Of the many beautiful celebrations throughout the liturgical year, one that has always captured my imagination is the occasional...

A Beauty that Wounds

The following is an excerpt from “Encountering Christ the Servant: A Spirituality of the Diaconate” (OSV, $18.95) by Deacon...

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The Palatable Pulpit

“Well, at least when we have a bad homily, we still have the Eucharist!” This quotation, lifted from a... Read More

Do Not Hide Your Faith

Last year, when Deacon Nabil Halaby and his wife moved from Mokena, Illinois, to Orlando, Florida, to live closer... Read More




Helping Catholics Consider the Source

As a deacon’s wife and a Catholic talk-show host, I find myself responding more and more to parishioners, as... Read More

Holy Orders: Deacons and Bishops

The relationship between the bishop and deacons goes back to the earliest days of the Church. In the Acts... Read More




Serving the Suffering Church: The Serenity of Surrender

“We are not self-sufficient; by ourselves we flounder: we need the Lord like the ancient navigators needed the stars.”... Read More

Serving the Suffering Church: Planting Spiritual Victory Gardens

During the global wars of the 20th century people were encouraged to plant gardens in every available plot of... Read More

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