Dealing with Addiction in Ministry

Noah was tired. He had built the ark, populated it with two of every living creature, survived the flood, unloaded the ark and finally entered into a covenant with the Lord promising that creation would never again be wiped... Read More

Two Orders in Unity

It is one of the great ironies of the Second Vatican Council that the document that restored the ancient...

Called to Mission

When I was ordained to the permanent diaconate for the Diocese of Orange, California, I understood my vocation was...

A Bishop’s Master of Ceremonies?

As deacons of the Catholic Church, we have been ordained as a “sacramental sign to the church and to...


Spiritual House Cleaning

Memento mori: Remember you must die. The Lenten journey begins with the faithful receiving ashes as a stark reminder... Read More

Evangelization and Welcoming

Back in July, my wife, Geri, and I had two wonderful encounters while shopping. Our daughter had told us... Read More