Why Be a Pilgrimage Guide?

A pilgrimage often becomes the perfect opportunity for deacons to grow as spiritual leaders. Their preparation to act as pilgrimage guides — which involves much prayer and a deep dive into increasing their knowledge of the saints and history... Read More

Being Unhoused Does Not Mean Homeless

If you were tortured, would you be able to crack a joke? St. Lawrence (patron: comedians, barbecues) kept his...

Embracing the Peripheries

During his pontificate, Pope Francis has highlighted a vision for the Church’s mission, one that weaves the principle of...

‘The Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas à Kempis

By the time “The Imitation of Christ” (Noll Library, OSV, $29.95) appeared bearing the name of its author, Thomas...

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We Are Deacons of Hope

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Our parish pastor will tell us, as permanent deacons, what our assignments are, but, if we search our hearts,... Read More

Minding the Gap

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This essay is, in many ways, a sort of lament. Many of us have written extensively on the disappointing... Read More




The Reality of Job

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For decades, I was a psychotherapist at a large medical facility in Wisconsin. Hundreds of patients came to me... Read More

Productivity vs. Death

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Just before writing this article, I was spending some time listening to several podcasts and books on productivity. There... Read More



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Viewing Sacred Art with Eyes of the Heart

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“Jesus said to them, ‘These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you,... Read More

‘Let God Love You’

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When my husband, Larry, teaches about Christian prayer, the first thing he does is write this simple phrase on... Read More