New Ministry Helps Deacons Develop Interior Life

Deacon Stephen Miletic recalls, as a deacon candidate, attending a lecture by a deacon discussing the importance of developing the interior life as part of the formation process. Deacon Miletic and his classmate, Deacon Mark Erste, connected with the... Read More

Deacons and Culture of Life

On Nov. 18, at the conclusion of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting, I will complete my three-year...

Our Vital Role in the Pro-life Movement

Deacon Dominick Pastore’s pro-life convictions began “not too long after Roe v. Wade,” when he was a freshman in...

Always Leave an Opening for Hope

“I never preach on abortion, because there might be women in the congregation who’ve had an abortion, and I...

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Transforming a Crime into a ‘Medical Treatment’

When was the last time you heard about “aid-in-dying,” “death with dignity” or “end-of-life option”? Those are only a... Read More

Measuring Up

Despite the distance we might think exists between the pope and the deacon, Pope Francis’ June 19, 2021, remarks... Read More




Preaching the Pro-Life Message

Every Sunday, we profess our faith in God by reciting the creed that reminds us of who we are... Read More

Intrinsic Connection: Contraception and Abortion

Many of us are old enough to have witnessed a great cultural change. I recall growing up in the... Read More




Serving the Suffering Church: The Serenity of Surrender

“We are not self-sufficient; by ourselves we flounder: we need the Lord like the ancient navigators needed the stars.”... Read More

Serving the Suffering Church: Planting Spiritual Victory Gardens

During the global wars of the 20th century people were encouraged to plant gardens in every available plot of... Read More

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